neuroplasticity in memory & beyond state-of-the-Art genomics

Neuroplasticity underlies learning and memory formation, which are essential for our lives and defines who we are. We will tackle on fundamental questions regarding epigenetic and transcriptional basis of memory-encoding neuronal ensemble (e.g., engram) formation. To this end, we will exploit multidisciplinary approaches including genomics, mouse genetics, circuit analysis and bioinformatics. Furthermore, we even develop novel genomics technologies to address questions that were not addressable before.

There are largely two pillars in our laboratory

  1. We will apply high-end epigenomics and genomics sequencing technologies to reveal molecular basis of memory-encoding neuronal ensemble formation. Furthermore, we will assess functional relevance of our findings by gene KD/OE and optogenetics approaches in vivo mouse brain.

  2. We will also develop novel high-throughput sequencing technologies, including whole genome history tracing, which will overcome critical limitations of existing snapshot-type technologies. They should be technological breakthrough in the field of biological science in general.

Please also see our research vision regarding the ERC-StG grant (MemoPlasticGenomics).

Kitazawa et al., Nature Genetics 2021